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World First in Piano Building - The Klavins Una Corda Piano

Commissioned by and in cooperation with Nils Frahm we have developed the Una Corda Piano.

Since its public presentation on June 7, 2014, at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, the Una Corda Piano has been well received by pianists, composers, and the audience world wide. Presently there are Una Corda Pianos located at various studios and private clients in Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, London, Dublin, Paris, Geneva, Antwerp, Budapest, Gothenburg, and Riga.

The unique features of the Klavins Una Corda Piano include:

- One string per note only

- Keyboard range of 64 keys, A1 to c4 (European)

- Double soundboard of solid spruce, rib-less

- Tone modulator (various felt or cloth strips)

- Support frame of stainless steel

- Open design, no cabinet

- Total weight only around 100 kg

Based on its special design, this instrument offers distinctly clear, warm sound characteristics. The light-weight construction allows for placement of the piano at locations where traditional, rather heavy pianos can't be used - on land, water, and in the air.

Dimensions: Width 133 cm - Height 117 cm (incl. Wheels) - Depth 67 cm


The 64-key Una Corda Piano, including big wheels, tone modulator, and a music stand

€ 14,000 net (plus country-specific V.A.T. for buyers without V.A.T.-ID)

The 88-key Una Corda Piano is presently not available.

Optional features:

- Helpinstill pick-ups installed € 890 net (plus 27% V.A.T. € 240.30 for private)

- PianoDisc MIDI recording system installed – price on request

We offer a warranty of 10 years on all Una Corda Pianos, from the date of delivery.

For ordering, please write an email to david[at], including your address data and phone number, you will receive an order confirmation in return, including the terms and conditions.

Delivery presently is at 5-6 months after the date of order.